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Private Estate Wealth

100% security and privacy is extremely important.  Probate, legal and other issues may cause delay, stress and unnecessary expenses. Working with us to transition wealth is valuable, simple and smart.

Protect your Financial Future

Financial Assurance

Our experienced team serves as trusted advisers to our clients aiming to grow and preserve retirement savings. 

Wealth protection and tax efficient estate succession investments with professional money management.


Human Connections

We locate and introduce remarkable business professionals to better career opportunities offered by our industry leading customers.

Proudly serving clients, customers & consumers since 2006

Featured Services

10 Essential Decisions for Business Owners "We place amazing candidates with great companies however #ProLaunch also helps #BusinessOwners too!" 

Life Insurance Investments

By implementing financial assurance guarantees available, ProLaunch clients are able to minimize risk and enhance their returns through guaranteed lifetime income solutions.

ProLaunch is listed an an Essential Workplace
Meet Our Company Founder  

Christopher Blueman advances an expert team of Talent Specialists and highly skilled Financial Assurance Professionals.  He's currently licensed in good standing with the FSRA as a Life Insurance Investment Broker and Estate Adviser, by referral.
Christopher enjoys boating, hiking, writing, participating in various outdoor sports, the companionship of dogs and is founding Director of ProLaunch Estate Advisory Inc.