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Meet Our Managing Director 

Christopher Blueman leads an expert team of executive recruiters and highly skilled independent financial specialists. He is currently licensed in good standing with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario as a Life and Investment Assurance Advisor. He also holds an accredited designation with the Institute of Professional Management in high recognition as a Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR).

Wealth Management

We may introduce accredited investors to our exclusive partner who offers a discretionary managed portfolio with strategies designed to minimize risk and enhance returns.

Employee Retention

We help our clients achieve predictable results by retaining the greatest possible talent while offering highly innovative and cost-effective workplace benefit solutions.

Guaranteed Investments

We are specially licensed to assure you that you will never, ever, lose your hard earned money investing with us while growing, preserving and transferring your accumulated assets tax-free.


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Talent Aquisition

We locate and introduce remarkable business leaders to better career opportunities offered by our industry leading clients every day.