Meet Our Company Founder  

Christopher Blueman advances an independent & diverse team of highly skilled Financial Assurance Professionals.  He's currently licensed in good standing with the FSRA as a  Life Insurance Investment Broker & Financial Advisor in Ontario, Canada, by referral.
Christopher enjoys boating, hiking, writing, various outdoor sports, construction projects, ​the companionship of dogs & is founding Director of ProLaunch Estate Advisory Inc.

Private Estate Wealth

100% security & privacy is extremely important.  Probate, legal & other issues may cause delays, stress & unnecessary expenses. Working with us to transition wealth is valuable, simple & smart.

Protect your Financial Future

Financial Assurance

Our experienced team serves as trusted advisors to our clients aiming to grow & preserve retirement savings. 

Wealth protection & tax efficient estate succession investments with professional money management.


Human Connections

We locate & introduce remarkable business professionals to better career opportunities offered by our industry leading customers.

Proudly serving clients, customers & consumers since 2006

Featured Services

Life Insurance Investments

By implementing financial assurance guarantees available, ProLaunch clients are able to minimize risk & enhance their returns through guaranteed lifetime income solutions.


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