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​Estate Advisory. How it makes more cents.

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Protecting investments from volatility and fees.
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Acquire and retain employees the better way.
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Who We Are

​​ProLaunch is a discreet full service resource and our team resolves challenges by offering predictable solutions. Started as an executive search firm, relationships and opportunities are qualified and all remarkable candidates are presented by a dedicated placement specialist.  As an industry leading, fully licensed life insurance, estate advisory and wealth manager, all financial assurance solutions are examined, proposed and executed by an impartial, trusted and experienced financial assurance professional. We are supported by our national partners and private wealth advisory teams including some of the most reputable and trusted Canadian financial carriers we objectively engage.  Combining decades of disciplines and expertise, our diverse professionals ensure that our approach clearly matches your unique needs and expectations. We absolutely love what we do, our team is exceptionally good at it too and we are 100% committed to working effectively with you.


How We Got Started

​First we placed music artists. From there, business executives and then we wanted to help others too. The solution: ProLaunch acquired regulated licensing, built our strategic team of friendly, experienced, like-minded professionals and contracted with only trusted partners in order to build industry leadership in financial assurance and advisory.

Our unique company logo represents a Growing Money Tree with Blue Loyalty & Gold Standard. Our clients deserve the Best Value.

We simply help small business' and individuals along with their families prosper, in order to build a financial assurance legacy.


Career Opportunities


Financial Assurance Associate - We require industry professionals to serve our exceptional clientele across Ontario. Fantastic personality and willing to nurture new opportunities daily to never stop learning and earning.  Lead generation, benefits, ongoing training & head office support provided. Required candidates have the desire to serve others first and have an exceptional client satisfaction mindset.