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Our exclusive ProLaunch special offer above will include additional access to Private Wealth Investment Pools which are both actively and passively managed in Real Estate and Alternative Asset classes with downside protection. Although low risk options are also available, we can exclusively offer these advanced fund choices to you without the account minimums usually only reserved for high net worth investors.

Cash and securities held in your account are protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund up to $1 million per account through third-party custodians within specified limits, if they were to go insolvent. Visit CIPF to learn more.

The Canadian government introduced the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) in 2008 because people with disabilities and their families have a different set of financial challenges in their future.

Anyone can contribute to an RDSP- family, friends, neighbours, etc.  Every $1 put in, the federal government can (if your family income is below $91,831) match with up to $3 or 300% (Canada Disability Savings Grant).  People living on a low-income (under $30,000), the federal government will put in $1000 each year for 20 years (Canada Disability Savings Bond).  You do not need to make any contributions to your RDSP to receive the Bond.

The RDSP is exempt from most provincial disability and income assistance benefits. It does not get clawed back and it does not reduce disability benefits payments.  Learn more about the RDSP from the Government of Canada and simply open an RDSP account easily online here.

We have focused specialists who are non-biased experts at what they do, will recommend the most optimal solution for you and always in your best interests too.​ Already have an RDSP and need help? Contact Us in confidence today at: 800-686-2703. Full discretion and no obligation assured.