Private Extended Health and Small Business Group Retirement Benefits

Looking for quality protection with tax deductible premiums?
Need better rates with more flexible benefit and payment options?
Looking for a modern alternative to traditional group benefit plans?
Do you require 100% non intrusive medical testing or questioning?
​Prefer not to worry about other claims increasing your renewals?

Require a 30 day fully ProLaunch satified money back Guarantee? 

We understand that individual, small business group health insurance & retirement benefits represent a significant financial obligation while playing an important role in providing for the well-being of private individuals and their spouses, employees and their families. We appreciate that everyone has unique situations and healthcare objectives. Recognizing this diversity, we have creative and flexible solutions and are committed to ensuring that our clients get the best value for their benefit dollar at all stages of their lives. As independently licensed brokers and financial assurance advisers, we competitively negotiate terms with virtually all insurance wholesalers and work for our clients directly, not the insurance company. This enables us to make truly objective recommendations that put our clients needs first.
Over 95% of our clients save money and increase the value of their benefit dollars immediately by working with us!

All ProLaunch pre-packaged association healthcare plans are 
offered directly to individuals, families and small businesses:

  • Fully pooled rates, even for just one person - and the cost is a tax deductible benefit
  • No questions or medical testing required with our guaranteed acceptance option
  • No age limit, lifestyle, income requirements or health restrictions option
  • Replaces expensive group and continued into retirement or unemployment
  • Eight very affordable, no commitment plans to choose - some with Dental Only
  • All plans include homecare and nursing, orthotics, unlimited ground/air ambulance
  • More coverage for registered specialists/therapists, vision, medication, and hospital
  • Plans offer up to 30 days travel insurance and accidental coverage at no extra charge

    Each plan we offer includes the optional benefit to include financial assurance such as group or individual RRSPs, RESPs, Life Insurance, Critical -Illness and Disability Protection, Private ProLaunch Retirement Plans, Guaranteed Income Pension Plans and much more​.Contact Us Today

Group Extended Healthcare and Benefit Plans

Some other of our most popular options below include better value and competitive pricing with a healthcare benefits package designed to help you outperform:

The Launch Plan for 2 to 9 employees includes Basic Life/Accidental Death and Dismemberment - Dependent Life - Extended Health Care (EHC) - Eye exams with complete professional services including four practitioners including Chiropractors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, and Podiatrists - Travel Insurance - Drug Card  -  Coinsurance Dental Care Level 1 and Level 2 - Value-added features including Employee and Family Assistance Program. Starting from as low as $70/person.

Super SME Plan​ for 5 employees/contractors and up includes everything above and more with the ability to individualize plans that are usually bundled. This plan also replaces sub-standard group LTD with SME disability. It offers business owners flexible benefit and payment options in which each member of the plan can pay directly to receive a tax deductible receipt. Claims do not increase premiums.  This plan is also designed to follow workers that retire or become unemployed too!

Business Thrive up to 50 employees includes Expense Control Pricing and Flexible Funding Options - Work Perks - HR à la Carte - Acclaim Ability Management - Superior AD&D - Free Cancer Rider - Self-insured Dental option - Tandem Support Services - C.A.R.E. Customer Service - Expense Control (A key performance metric.) Expense Control Pricing (ECP) is a unique underwriting methodology offered exclusively. ECP was developed to allow employers to identify and stabilize specific costs in their Benefits program. The costs of providing administration, adjudication, and consulting services generally do not increase at the same pace as Health and Dental premiums so by delinking those expenses from usage increases, ECP provides long-term cost savings.

Business Overdrive for over 50 employees includes all of the above and much more which is designed and fully customized through our consultation process.

Custom Health Services Plan for the self-employed allows businesses to reimburse qualifying medical and dental expense to employees and business owners. Medical expenses reimbursed through the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) are a 100% tax free benefit to the employee as well as 100% tax deductible to the business. The best part – businesses only pay for what is being used as there are no monthly premiums!  Essentially, A PHSP is a CRA approved health and welfare trust that allows corporations and self-employed individuals to provide health, dental and vision benefits to employees and their dependents on a tax free basis while entitling the employer to a deductible business expense equal to the amount paid out as claims plus administration costs related to the PHSP.


You are never too big or small for a better benefits plan and we can provide the most competitive quote from 1 to 1,000 employees. We’re using smarter designs and a fair pricing model to make extended health benefits and retirement more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Our health benefits and group retirement specialists are financial advisers (with fiduciary duty) and can efficiently quote over email/telephone or visit you in confidence and with no obligation anywhere in Ontario. Let's connect today. ​Book an appointment by calling 800-686-2703 or Contact Us online today!

A buyout or buy-sell agreement sets out the terms under which the interest of the departing shareholder will be sold. 

Funding a Buyout Agreement

Contrary to popular belief, a buy-sell agreement is not about buying and selling companies. It is a binding contract between business partners about the future ownership of the business. Many new partners neglect to make a buyout, or buy-sell, agreement, but they are critical to protect your investment in a partnership. When you create buyout provisions for your partnership agreement, you and your partners will be prepared if one partner wants to retire and leave the business, or worse, gets seriously ill, dies, goes bankrupt, or gets divorced. 

A buyout agreement sets out the terms under which the interest of the departing shareholder will be sold. It also contains provisions for the transfer of ownership when you retire. As well, if properly funded, the shareholder’s family will receive fair market value for the shares, providing them with capital to help maintain their standard of living. Your buyout agreement will instruct and remind you and your partners how you have agreed to handle the sale or buyback of an ownership interest when one partner's circumstances change. Without one, your partnership might, by law, be dissolved, forcing you to divide any assets and profits among the partners and decide whether to start a new partnership with the remaining partners.  Even if your partnership doesn't end, you may still have an argument over whether you should buy out the departing partner's ownership interest, and for how much. If you don't anticipate and plan for circumstances like these, you risk serious personal and business discord -- perhaps even court battles and the loss of your business.

The most cost-effective method to fund a buyout agreement, in the case of the death of a shareholder, is through life insurance. This approach helps ensure the required amount of capital will be available at the time it is needed should it become necessary to buy out an interest in your business.

Everyday we work with innovative business owners of all sizes to grow, protect and preserve their financial future. We can meet together with no-obligation anywhere in Ontario near you.  Let's connect today and discuss your goals and concerns with full discretion assured. ​Book an appointment by calling 800-686-2703 or contact us at:​​

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