Our Ideal Client and Consumer:

  • Dedicated long-term savers requiring better and more stable investment returns with tax-efficient retirement planning advice.
  • Patient investors who are concerned with wealth preservation and seeking superior estate/family/business advisory (Inc.)
  • Motivated people who deserve a better career or proper whole life insurance investments protected from legal, estate & volatility risks.
  • Entrepreneurial business leaders searching for remarkable executive talent to add to their growing team of professionals.

​We simply help companies and individuals along with their families grow, in order to build a financial assurance legacy. We even find the right candidates that will help make your company better by reducing the cost of hiring and improving hiring accuracy with predictable outcomes. As a full service resource, our team is licensed to offer Term and Whole Life Insurance, Financial Advice, Extended Medical & Dental Plans. We also specialize in offering industry leading Estate Planning Investments using RSP's, RIF's, RESP's, TFSA's, Guaranteed Income Funds, Private Wealth Portfolios, Buyout Agreements, Pension Transfers, Simple Wills, Tax-Efficient Retirement Solutions, Income Annuities, and more! Help us, help you experience the ProLaunch difference.

"I enjoyed working with Chris. He was thorough and persistent in finding the right person for me and ensuring I was happy with my hire." (Verified on LinkedIn)

"Chris is a very professional detail oriented individual that is focused on closing his deal. It is very transparent that he is passionate about his work as he demonstrates the integrity and qualities that today's society is losing. I would highly recommend Chris to handle your best interests." (Verified on LinkedIn)

Professional Financial Assurance

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"I had the privilege of working with Chris recently. He's a dedicated, down-to-earth, and approachable businessman who knows the investment industry and people's investment priorities. He has a friendly style and a knack for explaining complicated matters in a clear and understandable way." (Verified on LinkedIn)