A Simple Retirement Income Solution 

We live in a changing retirement landscape.  Fewer than one in four working Canadians has a pension plan that provides guaranteed income for life. Because of improved health care and longevity, it's possible retirees could spend several decades in retirement. This means their retirement income needs to last longer and with guaranteed retirement income.

Every year, everything you need to buy will cost more. Canadians are living longer and fewer of them have a company lifetime income pension plan. With ProLaunch, we will simplify your retirement income planning and estate taxation strategies to help you and your loved ones maintain financial security, dignity and independence.

Ask yourself:

You need predictable, guaranteed income for a specified time period or life?

You are close to retirement or have already retired?

You currently own GIC's or other very low yielding investments?

You do not want to actively manage your investments yourself?

You do not have guaranteed income from a company pension?

You are looking to supplement existing sources such as a government CPP average income of only $640 per month?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, an income annuity may be a simple retirement income solution for you. Here at ProLaunch, we simplify retirement income planning and estate taxation strategies to help people and their loved ones maintain financial security, dignity and independence.

Income annuities:

  • Guarantees income throughout retirement
  • Provides regular income for a fixed period of time or for life
  • Keeps up with increases in the cost of living
  • Good option for covering basic living costs in retirement
  • Provide greater income should rates increase
  • Ease in managing taxes
  • Protects loved ones
  • Provide access to money
  • Leave money behind to cover final expenses

Let's connect and discuss your goals and concerns with full discretion assured. Unlike other advisors, as a broker and adviser (with fiduciary duty), we work directly and exclusively for you rather than another company. We can meet together with no-obligation in Toronto and Orillia or anywhere in Ontario near you. To learn more about a reliable income solution that provides guaranteed, stable income, book an appointment by calling 1-800-686-2703 or contact us online today!

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