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"With ProLaunch, you skip the guy in the tie and get a much better ROI"   

When you work with another agent, consultant or advisor representing a single financial services firm, they may not be completely objective to the process. Extra fees may result without increase in service (even if your investment decreases in value). However, as an independent insurance and investment broker, we deal directly, securely and impartially with the actual major Canadian financial institution holding your funds. Therefore our fees may be of much higher value to you, independent decision making is encouraged, our relationship with you is more objective and the maturity value of your investment can also be guaranteed and protected.​

​Looking for better returns and advice?

We have direct access to Canada’s top portfolio managers servicing some of Canada's wealthiest families. We proudly represent clients to build, secure and preserve their registered Investments such as RSP, SRSP, RIF, SRIF, LRSP, LIF, RLIF, LRIF, PRIF, LIRA, RESP, including Tax Free Investments: TFSA, Whole Life Permanent Insurance Investments, Non-registered accounts: Individual, Joint or Corporate accounts.​ We may also provide more optimal pension investment options with an estate advisory focus unlocking most company Group pension plans upon termination or retirement including OMERS, CAF, HOOPP, OTPP, QROPS and more.

Our clients are interesting and diverse people.  We offer specialized service to growing families, mature singles and couples, the happily retired, business leaders, skilled workers, professionals, smart investors and even distinguished members of our proudly Canadian Armed Forces too. Thank you, we salute you! ​

Book an appointment by calling 1-800-686-2703 or contact us online today. We are expanding networks and can meet together anywhere in Ontario with you backed by our multi-national partner technology. We help educate and closely listen to the unique needs of our clients while learning about their goals, dreams, ambitions and concerns, without any obligation or expectations, while providing optimal solutions in a genuinely friendly, professional and relaxed environment.

We are passionate about helping you succeed, guaranteed.
​Let us know, as we are here for you and your prosperity!

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With ProLaunch, you skip the guy in the tie and get a much better ROI


The absolute best thing we are able to do, here at ProLaunch Estate Wealth, is to offer higher value retirement and estate planning investments through specialized professional advisory. We genuinely enjoy that special moment we confidently look our clients in the eyes and tell them that they will never, ever, lose their insured, private and protected money while continuing to work together.

Yes, a bold statement above however our difference is that we accomplish this through the value of insurance.

Proactive planning and securing wealth for generations is what we do best.

We build better retirement preservation plans intending to protect our clients invested money from unforeseen legal, estate and market risks in advance with a death benefit guarantee to their loved ones if they untimely pass. ProLaunch investment and insurance plans are actively managed by industry leading professionals, are tax efficient, provide fast liquidity and also minimize estate settlement costs, extensive delays or any other unnecessary fees.

Expecting inheritance soon? Looking for Estate assurance and Executor assistance? Possibly a Last Will review?

Plan early with ProLaunch Estate Advisory Inc. Call us in confidence to learn more: 800-686-2703 Ext:88
We also have an amazing network of professionals near you for more local attention as well. Let us refer you!

Less Tax - Less Delay - Less Stress

Simply a better life for you and for those you love.

We strive to work harder, smarter and more efficient for you.

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